Installed Hypertext Systems

So far we have sucessfully installed the following hypertext systems in virtual machines:



The Interactive Encyclopedia System TIESThe Interactive Encyclopedia System (TIES)

TIES was developed in 1983 at the University of Maryland by Ben Shneiderman. It was intended to be a publication tool. Authors could create hypermedia contents for their readers. There is an interactive browser and an authoring tool for creating hypermedia contents.

DOS text mode, installed on FreeDOS.Visual Knowledge Builder (Demo)

Visual Knowledge Builder (VKB)

VKB is a tool for spatial hypertext. It provides support for collections, different types of lists and other structures and has a timeline feature. You can highlight your objects with colors and make a direct connection with a link; You can also use external jumps and search external web sites.

Java, installed on Arch Linux/openJDK.

Web Browsers

The World Wide Web is by far the largest hypermedia system. Web Browsers are the interactive interface of the client to access the different media types of the Web. We have installed a few of these.