Dr. Jessica Rubart is professor for business information systems at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) University of Applied Sciences, Germany. She has a strong industry background as software architect, project manager, system analyst, and software developer. Her main research areas are flexible information systems, hypertext, groupware and knowledge management as well as software engineering. She is an active member of the Hypertext community for years. She has been program co-chair of Hypertext and Hypermedia 2006 as well as Hypertext and Social Media 2016.

Dr. Claus Atzenbeck holds a professor position at Hof University, Germany and is leading the Visual Analytics research group at the university’s Institute of Information Systems. His research interests in the field of hypermedia include spatial and navigational structures, spatial and temporal parsing for spatial hypertexts, and component-based hypertext systems. A specific focus of his work is on intelligent user interfaces for visual analytics. Dr. Atzenbeck has been involved in various tasks for the previous European Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and the current European Programme Horizon 2020 including serving as an expert reviewer for proposals or as a collaborating researcher on projects.

Claus Atzenbeck and Jessica Rubart are General Co-Chairs for this year’s 2019 ACM Hypertext Conference.


  • Eelco Herder, Radboud Universiteit, The Netherlands
  • Jamie Blustein, Dalhousie University, Canada
  • Robert Mertens, HSW University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Siegfried Reich, Salzburg Research, Austria
  • Thomas Schedel, Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm, Germany
  • Uffe Kock Wiil, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
  • Yeliz Yesilada, Middle East Technical University, Turkey