Tracking Information

Hello User,

it seems like you are interested in your privacy – so are we! For general information please check our legal notice. If you have any questions, advices or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.

Social Media

For some posts we add social media buttons to allow easy sharing of our content with your friends and colleagues. These buttons are wrapped by ‘shariff‘, hence no connection to 3rd party providers will be established before you choose to click. The twitter feed embedded in some sites is an opt-in: with your permission, we add a cookie to your browser and save your preference to load the required javascript from twitter. The very same is true for the mastodon fee, provided by

Fonts and other stuff

We do our best to eliminate the need to load content from 3rd party services (like google fonts), sadly, some wordpress themes do this by default. There is an interesting discussion about this on github. Meanwhile we use OMGF to mitigate this issue.


We are using Matomo to analyze traffic on our web pages. Basically we collect “who”, at which time did interact with our web page. IP addresses are anonymized by erasing the last byte. The data does not leave the server and is not transferred to any 3rd party service. We respect the “Do Not Track” (DNT) setting of your browser, hence Matomo will not track your visit at all – if you do not want that HTTP header to be active, you can opt-out tracking with the following dialogue: