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Welcome to the “Weblinks Demo” @ ACM Hypertext 2021. This site exists to give you some extra information and the possibility to test the current state of development. You can read the accompanying publication here:

What is “Weblinks”?

Modern browsers, as we know them from the Web, are used to query and present a variety of different resources. This usually happens by traversing links (i.e., URIs) in hypertext documents. The creation of new links however, is impossible to ordinary users, because they usually are recipients, but not owners of the received resource. Our browser plugin called ‘Weblinks’ offers its users an additional and rich linking layer over the existing Web. This enhances the notion of links as strings (i.e., URIs) in today’s Web context to links as rich objects (𝑛-ary, unidirectional, or bidirectional), which can be created, traversed or shared by anyone using the Weblinks browser plugin.

The plugin is still under development and not publicly available yet. Though, for the purpose of the demo and to foster a rich discussion you may download the current version in the following section.

Try it!

Caveat: No warranty (in any sense) is given. Please be aware, that the plugin sends any visited URL to our servers to search for existing links in the link base. While this data is sent via HTTPS and will be deleted on a regular basis, we recommend to remove the plugin after you are done with testing.

The plugin runs on Chromium-based browsers (tested with Google Chrome only) and Mozilla Firefox. Easiest installation can be achieved with the latter, as the current version is already checked and signed by Mozilla, just “open” the corresponding XPI-file. The Chrome-edition is self-signed and needs “Developer mode” to be active (chrome://extensions/). Linux users can drag & drop the crx file, Mac and Windows users need to unzip the plugin code and “load unpacked” extension.

Download for Mozilla Firefox (XPI)
Version x.x.x

Download for Google Chrome (CRX)
Version x.x.x

Download unsigned / unpacked code
Version x.x.x

For usage you need to register a new account (no mail etc. needed) or use the conference account ht2021 – ht2021. When using the conference account, everything is shared with others using the same account. For feedback reach out to: